Battersea Home

connecting and expanding spaces

Date 2010
Role Project Manager and Designer
Location Battersea Park, London
A kitchen and garden was redeveloped to create an open living area for the family. The concept was to create a large kitchen space and introduce the garden so that it felt like an extension of the home.

The Project

The budget was carefully planned with a large proportion spent on lighting whilst sourcing the interior of the kitchen competitively to stay within budget. The worktop was reused and honed to create a more modern feel. The garden furniture was chosen to complement the inside to connect the two spaces and the garden table was created from the repurposed kitchen worktop

This had the dramatic effect of treating the garden as part of the kitchen: a ‘room outdoors’ that continued the lighting scheme from inside to out. This provided a spacious yet practical family living space.

Images courtesy of John Cullen Lighting